Saturday, March 10, 2012


Petition against

In the website of is a petition against's predatory business practices which potentially threaten the survival of small press publishers, independent book distributors, and independent book stores. * The online petition is here.

In the page at the above link is a statement by Bryce Milligan, publisher of Wings Press, giving additional information and detail about the reasons for the petition, and examples of the economic and cultural damage Amazon's business practices are causing.

I've signed (electronically) the online petition. I encourage you to go there and sign it also.

Thanks also to poet Joseph Hutchison, in whose blog The Perpetual Bird I initially found Bryce Milligan's statement (reprinted) and a link to the online petition.

Do you think poets could get together and create an alternative to AMAZON for our books? It seems do-able. I used to get my books from that Spring CHurch place. It was great. She would locate them and mail them to me. No big corporations and such friendliness in the transaction . . .
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