Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Poem in Poets for Living Waters

A poem of mine, about the oil gushing in the Gulf of Mexico, has been posted in Poets for Living Waters, here.

Other great poems in response to the oil eruption are posted there as well, and at present the website hosts (poets Amy King and Heidi Lynn Staples) are continuing to accept more poem submissions for the site. Links to featured poems, and guidelines for submitting, are in the main page of Poets for Living Waters, here.

I urge you to go there and read. And my thanks to Amy and Heidi for the good work they're doing with this.

I tweeted your poem yesterday.

I've been following Poets for Living Waters since it issued the first call for submissions. I have a poem in the open mic section, "Where Laughing Gulls Hover".
It's a wonderful site, with many very fine contributions.

I understand you know Jenne' R. Andrews. I'm doing an in-depth interview with her, the first part to post 7/5. I hope you'll stop by and read. Thank you.
Dear Mr. Daggett,

I am assembling a website of art capturing America's responses to the Gulf Oil Spill for a class and I would love to feature a copy of your poem "Gulf Winds" on the site. Please contact me at if you are interested in contributing this poem to the site or would like more information. Thank you!

Jana Kopp
MLS Candidate
Emporia State University

As I don't have an e-mail, please accept my thanks for your loyal reading of the four-part interview with Jenne'. I feel I've learned much about her and am grateful for having made her acquaintance via SheWrites.

Thank you also for bringing to my attention the items you mentioned in your comment on Part 4. I'm chagrined I did not "catch" Copper Canyon. (I donate to it and have purchased books directly.) I have made corrections in the post and added a note about the presses.

Kindest regards.
Maureen, thanks for responding and for making the corrections.
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