Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Review of Sharon Doubiago memoir

A great review of poet friend Sharon Doubiago's memoir, My Father's Love: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl, Vol. 1, has been written and posted online by Antoinette Nora Claypoole, here.

The page at the link appears to be a blog page, though the blog itself doesn't appear to have a name at the top. The review author Claypoole has a webpage, here, with links to other writing of hers.

I've written about Sharon Doubiago's poetry previously in this blog, here.

thanks for posting this! And supporting Sharon's work.... Yes, my review is published via Wild Embers Pages... antoinette...
I concur, thanks for the heads up and link to the review on Doubiago’s memoir. I cannot wait to read it now. Revolt- E.R.
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