Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Albuquerque Cultural Conference 2007

I plan to attend and participate in the Albuquerque Cultural Conference taking place Labor Day weekend this year.

From the conference website (see link below): "We call upon organizers, writers and artists, journalists, teachers, architects and dreamers to join us in planning a new society based on mutual respect, alternative education, and democratic expression. ...We will have panels and workshops focusing on working class culture; alternative education, investigative journalism; Southwest Arts and culture; fine arts, architecure, music and drama; prison writing, small press publication; and creating a people's almanac."

See the conference website for more information and details (click on the "Dreaming Big" link to get to the main page). The itinerary is still being updated, further info may be posted in the website in the near future.

Hi Lyle
Hope you enjoyed yourself!
Hi Lyle,
I'm planning on attending too, but I haven't emailed the conference yet. Hope to run into you somehow!
Not sure how big of a crowd there will be. Just decided!
Hey Lyle,
I can't find your email on the blog. Can you send me an email to
sherylluna at hotmail dot com?
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