Thursday, May 10, 2007


My computer has crashed

Earlier this week my computer crashed. It looks like the hard drive may have died, anyway it's not working right now. Will be looking into if it can be fixed, what can be recovered, etc.

I may have lost some e-mail addresses from my Outlook address book. (Won't know this for sure for a little while,) **** If you're reading this, and you've been in touch with me by e-mail (and if you want to continue to be), please send me a brief e-mail with your email address so I can make sure I have it.

I can still access email through my ISP's website but my access will be sporadic for a little bit. As a friend of mine once said, welcome to Luddites for Technology. Sigh...

More soon, with any luck.


UPDATE posted May 18 -- my computer is in computer hospital now. Waiting to find out if the patient can be saved and how much the doctor bill will be. Should know more sometime this next week.

Science marches on...

Oh I hate puter problems~

Good luck to you in getting things going well again.
Mine's still dead too. Hopefully we'll both get one soon.
Just checking on the status of things. I left you a reply to the Suzanne post. Sounds like you're getting online off and on some other way. Hope that bill isn't too big!
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