Wednesday, March 21, 2007


British working class poetry, early 1800's

Found an interesting short article in the U.K. Guardian, about a large number of recently unearthed political protest poems written by workers in Britain during the early 1800's. The article, which includes a couple of the poems, is here.

Thanks to Jilly Dybka's Poetry Hut Blog, where I originally found the link to the article.

I read that article too. I found it very interesting. It seemed there was also another article with a different view about the poetry posted as well. I think the second article was critical of the quality of the working class poetry. This is an intereting topic about working class work and how it is valued or devalued. The first article seemed to praise the poems. Recently someone made a comment about working class poetry being cliched and trite which I thought was an odd comment.
Sheryl, yes, I agree that's an odd comment about working class poetry being cliched and trite.

I work for a living in the billing department of a large corporation, and I read corporate memos and similar stuff all the time that seem to me to be cliched and trite (and seem to me not to say very much too).

Thanks for commenting.
thank you Lyle, for coming by and leaving nice words. :)


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