Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Fundraiser for Tía Chucha's

Tía Chucha's Cafe Cultural, a vibrant gathering place and venue for literature, music, art and similar activities, is being forced to leave their present location in Sylmar, California (Los Angeles area) at the end of February. A laundry company, which is apparently investing several million dollars in the strip mall location, will be moving into the space, and the money is talking the only language it knows.

One of the founders of Tía Chucha's, Luis Rodríguez, is a powerful passionate poet and writer, and for many years was publisher and editor of Tía Chucha Press, which published much fine poetry, most of it showing a strong working-class politically progressive leaning.

Tía Chucha's cafe/bookstore/performance space/cultural center will be moving to a temporary site, with the goal of ultimately finding a permanent location in the northeast San Fernando Valley. They're holding a fundraiser in the near future, and are accepting donations. If you live in the L.A. area, you can go to Tía Chucha's to sign their petition. They're also looking for volunteers to help with the fundraiser, the move, and other activities.

More information on all of the above is at the Tía Chucha website. I encourage you to spend time there checking out the wide range of artistic, cultural and community work they're involved with.

More on Luis Rodríguez, his life and writing, can be found at his website and his weblog.

That's too bad. Like people need another damn laundry mat more than they need art. Sad.
Thanks for posting this, Lyle. I'd seen it at Emmy's and Lorna's, so this is a good reminder to go and sign the petition and help spread the word.
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