Friday, May 10, 2013


In the name of humanity

Linking here to an article I liked by Keston Sutherland in the Tumblr blog A Flying Fiery Roule, titled "Theses on Antisubjectivist Dogma."

The article is an effective and articulate critique of reactionary attempts by "Language" poets, writers of "conceptual" poetry, and related sorts to deny the existence and possibility of an identifiable viewpoint or perspective in poetry.

The article further outlines some of the ways in which the denial of a subjective point of view in poetry essentially echoes attempts by capitalist institutions to silence and invalidate the rights and identity of workers. As much "conceptual" poetry and its relatives attempt to turn poems into mere objects empty of existence, capitalism similarly attempt to turn workers into interchangeable objects to be used.

A little of the above is my own take on some of what Sutherland says on the topic. Sutherland's article is here.

Thanks also to poet blogger Joseph Hutchison, in whose blog The Perpetual Bird I found a link to Sutherland's article.

It will be interesting to see if any Language poets or Conceptual writers or their apologist critics will step outside their hyperbaric bubble full of Theory-Gas and respond to Sutherland. Thanks for spreading the word!
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