Friday, February 15, 2013


All Through The Night

My new book, All Through The Night: New and Selected Poems, has been published by Red Dragonfly Press.

The book includes a generous sampling of my poems covering about 30 years of work. Around one-third of the poems are taken from previous books of mine; the remainder haven't been collected in books before. The book includes an Introduction by poet Dale Jacobson, and an author afterword by myself.

The publisher's webstore page for the book is here.

In the page at the above link, if you scroll down a little below the cover art image, you'll find a box with a brief description of the book; if you click on the Comments leak along the upper border of the box, you can read the cover blurbs by poets Lorna Dee Cervantes, Floyce Alexander, and Robert Edwards.

The front cover art (shown in the webpage at the above link) is drawing of the moon in its phases, done in November-December 1609 by Galileo Galilei. (In the webpage, if you hover your mouse pointer over the cover image, it will display a slightly larger version of the image.)

My big thanks to my publisher Scott King for his great work on the book design and preparing it for publication. Check out the website of Red Dragonfly Press for more of the excellent books of poems the press has published.

Congratulations. Love the cover artwork. Looking forward to reading the collection.
Thanks, Maureen!
Lyle congratulations! I will order your book and check it out. Please keep your blog going too. I have learned a lot from it too.
Thanks, Johathan.

I definitely plan to keep the blog going. Thanks for your comment.
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