Friday, November 18, 2011


Dale Jacobson memoir of Tom McGrath

Poet friend Dale Jacobson has written a wonderful personal memoir of his long friendship with poet Tom McGrath. I've spent the past three evening reading it, entirely engrossed.

In addition to telling much of his and Tom's long and close knowing of each other -- Tom's kindness and generosity with those around him was renowned -- Dale also gives attention to the nature of poetry; the essential interwoven connections of poetry and politics; the bankruptcy of poetry and politics that frequently occurs in a hundred ways once they have been absorbed and corrupted by the literary-industrial-academic complex; questions about the nature of life and death and the universe; and various other things. And Dale gives a tender and moving account of the last year of Tom's life as his health declined.

Dale Jacobson's memoir of Thomas McGrath is posted in its entirety in Dale's blog, here.

I've written previously here (in this blog you're reading now) about the poetry of Thomas McGrath and the poetry of Dale Jacobson; see the two links at the top of this post, above.

Thank you, Lyle, for your thoughtful review of Dale's memoir. TMJacobson
It was my pleasure, Therese.
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