Monday, March 14, 2011


Fog & Woodsmoke

In the mail today, a contributor copy of Fog & Woodsmoke: behind the image, an anthology of poems and a few short prose works, edited by Stephani Schaefer, just out from Lost Hills Books. Each of the poems and prose pieces in the anthology was written in response to one or more photographs from a group of five of them. (The photos, if I'm following correctly from the Introduction, were taken by the editor Stephani Schaefer.)

The collection includes poems (and prose-poems) by Andrei Guruianu, Rick Hilles, Judith Pacht, Donna Pucciani, Taylor Graham, Louis Jenkins, Nancy Paddock, Brigit Treux, Gordon Preston, Katy Brown, eric nystrom, Maya Khosla, Joyce Odam, Connie Wanek, Laura L. Hansen, Lyle Daggett, Alan Catlin, Susan Kelly DeWitt, Jan Chronister, Robert Walton, Natalia Andreivskikh, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Kathy Kieth, Sally Allen McNall, Lisa J. Cihlar, Steve Troyanovich, Doris Lueth Stengel, Cleo Griffith, Tazuo Basho Yamaguchi, Lara Gularte, editor Stephani Schaefer, and Bruce Henricksen (publisher of Lost Hills Books);

and short prose writing by eric nystrom, James Babbs, Bruce Henricksen, Taylor Graham, Robert Walton, Rob Davidson, and Joshua Clark.

I originally got word of the anthology in-the-works from Issa's Untidy Hut, Don Wentworth's blog that he does in connection with the poetry magazine Lilliput Review, which he edits.

I first heard of Lost Hills Books sometime a year ago or more, when I came across another book they've published, From the Other World: Poems in Memory of James Wright, edited by Bruce Henricksen and Robert Johnson. I absolutely loved it. The publisher's webpage for the book is here.

Though I've only had brief time with Fog & Woodsmoke so far -- just having it in hand as of today -- it looks wonderful. I encourage you to check this one out.

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