Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Essays by Levertov, Hugo, etc.

Found a nice website with a bunch of essays on aspects of poetry, in a webpage in the University of Arkansas at Little Rock website. It includes a couple that -- when I first read them many years ago -- strongly shaped my ideas about writing poems, and that still speak to me when I reread them:

"On the Function of the Line" by Denise Levertov

"Writing off the Subject" by Richard Hugo

Links to other essays in the webpage are here.

Both of these are excellent essays, Lyle. I just read them and bookmarked the general site. I think a lot of people write free verse without thinking about or feeling the sometimes minuscule beats or pauses in the poem. Maybe because I was involved with music for many years, an awareness of that comes naturally to me,even when I don't execute it well in a poem.

And about knowing what's going to happen in the many surprises flow out. I'm glad to see an essay that addresses that.
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