Saturday, December 06, 2008


Couple of things

A few poems of mine have been published in the online poetry magazine Pemmican. They're here, if you care to check them out. (In the page at the above link, click on the poem titles to go to the poems.)

The first six poems have just been published there recently; the others were published in Pemmican sometime back, and are also still available there to read.

Much fine poetry and other writing is in Pemmican. I encourage you to visit and read. The main page for the magazine is here.


I also was very moved by poet Martín Espada's commencement address, titled "The Republic of Poetry," given at Hampshire College in May 2007. It's posted online here, in the Poets Against War website. (The above link is to Espada's piece; the main page for the Poets Against War website is here.)

The Republic of Poetry is also the title of Martín Espada's most recent, and excellent, book of poems. I've written about the book previously, here.

Thanks for the links. This is a group of poems to read more than a few times. The Colour Blue strikes a particular image with me.
I like those poems very much, Lyle. For the lilacs really struck a chord with me.

Thank you very much.
Happy holidays. The best for 2009 (good health, happiness, dosh)
Hello Lyle,
I'm delighted that you found my blog (elenabella), and it is wonderful to find yours here. Thank you so much for visiting, and for A Burning Patience. My father, Wally Kennedy, is writing a memoir about the Urban Arts program...if you have memories to share, please do. Best wishes and happy new year! Ellen/elena
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