Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Veiled Lineage

Received an e-mail from poet and artist friend Terry Hauptman, announcing an upcoming art exhibit featuring her work together with the work of sculptor Jerry Geier, at the Firehouse Gallery in Burlington, Vermont.

Quoting from the announcement for the exhibit: "Terry Hauptman's Songline Scrolls feature colorful multi-cultural processions on wall-sized scrolls of paper. These scrolls are a metaphor for life, representing a continual unfolding revelation of change and celebration." And: "Jerry Geier's assembly of sculptures, or totems, feature carved faces of wood or clay derived from indigenous and modern societies. The totems are hollowed and act as functional drums."

The exhibit opens December 19, 2008 and will run through February 14, 2009.

Further information on the exhibit, and on the work of these two wonderful artists, can be found at the website of the Firehouse Gallery, and in the websites of Terry Hauptman and Jerry Geier. I encourage you to go and have a look.

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