Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Scott King on W.S. Merwin

Liked this short piece by poet Scott King, "Hearing Merwin," an account of first encountering W.S. Merwin's poetry and an appreciation of Merwin's work.

Scott King, a wonderful poet himself, is also the publisher of Red Dragonfly Press, the publisher of one of my previous books, If There Is A Song, and another that is forthcoming, What Is Buried Here. A list of available Red Dragonfly Press titles is here.

I'd like to get your book but I have no idea HOW--do you have to snail mail them the order? What's the deal, dude. smile.

thanks for the Merwin link

Ordering info for the book is in the Red Dragonfly Press Contact & Ordering page.
i perused the red dragonfly pages....beautiful books! merwin is reading this week in santa barbara, where i am spending the week. i may try to catch him.
Lee, thanks for dropping by. I agree, Red Dragonfly does beautiful books.
That reading link is very nice. Congratulations on yet another book out and for the order information page.
Thanks, Pris.
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